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Cross Docking Solution

QUAYO Cross-Docking Solution supports you in streamlining your supply chain from the point of origin to the point of sale by tailor made cross docking facilities that meet your needs, based on our professional consultancy services and expertise of our resources in chain services in warehousing and truck load transportation.

QUAYO Cross docking offers the below high performance modules:

Medical Representative Solution

Through our QUAYO Mobile Medical Representatives System, we can help you track, enhance the performance of your medical reps and also increase your customer service through the development of a user-friendly system that offers the following modules, since Med Rep are the eyes and ears of a pharmaceutical company:

Work Order and Meter Reading Solution

QUAYO Work Order System is a field technician’s tool for processing work orders (Service Slips) electronically and time sheet processing in a hosted whole office.

It gives you a whole office solution for managing your service.

QUAYO Work Order System is fully hosted system that can help your business grow by tracking and logging your construction, service business and meter reading.

Schedule … Dispatch … Serve … & Trace

Field Service Automation

Field technicians not only represent a substantial business cost, they are also your primary source of customer interaction post-sale.
It is their performance that will directly impact customer satisfaction and perception of your brand — and your profitability.
You need to provide this workforce with the tools they need to get the job done rapidly — and right.

QUAYO Field Service Management provides an Intelligent Dispatch of work orders, Work Order Tracking and Inventory management of spare parts allocated to those work orders.

A quick scan of the bar code on the equipment to be serviced displays the electronic work order, with links to past service records and detailed repair routines with ability to fill any kind of dynamic reporting.

The work order can be completed on the spot — no paperwork to complete later and invoices can be issued the same day, and with integrated GPS, real time directions and the ability to monitor the location of technicians in the field ensures that the right technician arrives at the right job — on time, every time.

Direct Sales Solution

QUAYO Sales Force Automation solution is a complete suite of tools, and powerful customizations to support any sales process making it the only choice for sales reps, managers, and executives looking for success.

QUAYO SFA is used to:

Mobile Reporting Solution

QUAYO’s form templates are as flexible as they come.
You can have as many fields as you want, order them in anyway and even choose what type of data needs to be filled.
You can select from text, numeric, date, time, Customer as dropdown, create your own dropdown with single or multiple selection, YES/NO, Rate and more.

Grant the ability to define preset execution percentage for each project.
During supervision site visit, system shall update progress based on user data entry; system should calculate as well execution percentages and ratio based on predefined weight.

There is no limit to how many forms you can add, so KEEP FILLING THEM!!!

Warehouse Management Solution

QUAYO Warehouse Management System is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions including shipping, receiving, put away and picking.
A WMS monitors the progress of the products through the warehouse.
It involves the physical warehouse infrastructure, tracking systems, and communication between product stations.

An efficient WMS helps you to optimize warehouse space, streamline operations and increase productivity, improve order fulfillment, always 100% sure of your stock, cut expenses by minimizing the amount of unnecessary parts and products in storage, and helps companies keep lost sales to minimum by having enough stock on hand to meet demand.

Postal Courier Solution – POC/POD

Need a better way to track and confirm package delivery storing electronic proof of delivery signature?

Lost packages and lost route drivers mean poor revenue and unhappy customers.
With electronic proof of delivery system QUAYO Postal Solution , your company will cut the expenses of delivery with a cost-effective tracking and delivery confirmation software solution.

QUAYODTS package tracking, Data Transformation and proof of delivery system is a turnkey solution to lost packages, lost drivers, incomplete deliveries and dissatisfied customers.

QUAYODTS provides multi-dimensional delivery management information and analysis, putting you in control reducing operational costs, improving customer service and cash flow with a 360° view of the delivery, collection process and fully automate the operation processes.

All you need to route and track every delivery – on the web and in the mobile of your hand.

Queue Busting Solution

QUAYO Queue Busting Management Solution is an efficient, secure and quick way to save your customers’ time, improve your customer experience, and also to initiate transaction before arriving to the point of sale (POS).

QUAYO Queue Busting Management Solution provides various ways to help manage queues such as Traditional queue busting, Handheld (Mobile POS), Small Footprint POS, Self-Checkout, In-aisle Scanning, Tender Station and Non-Technology Methods.

Event Management Solution

Everything you need to manage large, complex conferences, meetings and events… with newly ENHANCED event and lead management tools, it is QUAYO Event Management Solution.

It provides event planners with a complete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event costs.
By automating the event management processes, our software enables you to focus your time on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time consuming tasks.

Our event management software is designed to help meeting and event planners more easily navigate every aspect of the event process.