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QUAYO Mobility Solutions offer an on-demand customized solution that meets the varied needs of everyone from small businesses to large and global organizations.

QUAYO provide deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to support you throughout all phases of your project:

Software Integration

Software Integration
With a deep understanding of integration, leveraging various technologies such as EDI, APIs, and web services into a variety of back-end systems (CRM, ERP, DB2, SAP…), we have demonstrated our ability to transparently interface between disparate systems and ultimately create a dynamic interchange of real-time data leading to organizational efficiency.

Wireless Infrastructure Installation

We offer site surveys, installation and configuration to ensure complete network connectivity within your environment, including Wi-Fi, Mesh, VOIP and location based services.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development
Projects are more successful when software fits the existing process rather than off-the-shelf packages which force users to shape their processes around the software.
Pure custom development can be costly. With this in mind, QUAYO develops each specific application on top of the QUAYO Mobility Platform which includes key components universal such as security, communications and device management.
The software is built modularly so that solutions can be expanded easily over time.
With a platform architecture, global changes are made once, in one place, increasing reliability and cost-effectiveness.
The result is a fully-customized mobile application that truly meets the customer’s needs while integrating seamlessly with existing systems.


Proper training and embraced user acceptance are the key to a seamless mobile solution.
Our team tailors training packages to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your end-users and administrators are up to speed. We speak your language.

Process Re-engineering

Our team adds value to your mobility project. Rather than simply making an existing process more efficient through mobility, our industry experts examine your business issues, take into account available mobile technologies and recommend process improvements and impactful technology strategies to implement them to their fullest.
This ensures that your solution is future-proofed, aligned with your corporate strategy as well as capable of achieving rapid ROI.


Our consulting team is experienced and efficient, consistently delivering valuable enterprise mobility solutions.
We work with each client to help develop concise business requirements that serve as the foundation of the project. Applying our expertise, along with your requirements, we determine the necessary components for your optimal solution, including; software, database / data structure, device recommendations, and wireless network options.
To implement your solution in a reliable timeframe, we produce a detailed project plan identifying project milestones, major deliverables and key resources required throughout the various steps in the project lifecycle.


Implementing the project plan is an iterative and collaborative process facilitated by your project manager. The components of your solution will be finalized as software engineers develop, test and finally integrate the solution with the existing enterprise system.
In some cases it is beneficial to launch a pilot implementation before full roll out in order to insure that the launch is properly controlled.


We provide you with the processes, tools and resources used to operate, and support the solution. Our team ensures that your solution is optimized across the board.
This includes training, data backup, security, synchronization, system and software updates, and device maintenance and network optimization.


Once your solution has been implemented we remain at arm's length, ready to step in and make sure that your solution is on the right track.
Our tailored customer support offerings will provide you with all the services needed to operate your wireless applications and systems.